Murree- The Queen of Hills in Pakistan!

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As the cool breeze hits you, and you are standing among tall pine forests where uphill views surround you with mountains in the backdrop, you know that you are in Murree, the most famous hill station in Pakistan.  

Just as the summers become unbearable, people from all across the country and the world reach the Northern Areas of Pakistan to escape from the scorching heat. However, Murree remains on top of the list of sightseeing places.

While the winter season is in full swing, the vibrant town of Murree enthralls people as it is among the most accessible winter retreats that local and international tourists can venture towards.

Situated on the southern slopes of Himalayan foothills, the "Queen of Hill Stations" is located 7500 ft above sea level. Murree is a sight for sore eyes not only in winters but all along the year. In summers and spring, the calm and fresh air captivates you, while in winters, Murree becomes a heaven-like valley with the hills covered in snow like a blanket.