Upper Kachura Lake

Here’s Why the Upper Kachura Lake is Paradise on Earth

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A trip to Skardu should be on your bucket list if you want to reconnect with nature. A walk up the sloping roads surrounded by mystical mountains and sparkling streams can make you believe you’re in paradise. The city is home to many cultural and historical attractions, offering tourists a plethora of reasons to explore the natural beauty and scenic view of the place. 

About 20km away from Skardu is a haven in the form of a 70-meter deep lake. With its glassy, still surface and clear water, the Upper Kachura Lake has a calming presence, unlike any other place. The lake is not too famous with tourists due to its rugged area (one can only access it by foot), but the breathtaking views make the journey worthwhile. In winters, it becomes frozen, making it an icy playground for children. However, in summers, the pristine lake becomes a swimming pool for locals and tourists who love to take a dip. 

Most trekking missions start from Skardu, which makes it popular among mountaineers. Among other tourist attractions in the city are Buddha Rock, Shigar Fort, and Satpara Lake, which provide a wholesome cultural experience combined with a chance to soak in the site's beauty.