Uchhali Lake

Uchhali Lake- The Salt Lake of Beauty and Enchantment

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Uchhali Lake is one of the most prominent and unique salt lakes of Pakistan and is located in the heart of the Soan Sakaser Valley in the Salt range area. This spectacle of beauty in Punjab has attracted many tourists to witness its calm and cool water, especially in the nighttime. The Uchhali lake is not a grand or mystic sight, as most of the time, the water is quite lifeless. Despite the calm surrender of the water, the lake plays no less a role in being one of the major tourist attraction sights. The scenery of this place is an absolute enchantment and even though the water of the lake is quite lifeless, however, the constant chirping of the migratory birds around the lake adds to the sound of the beauty and shine of the lake.  

The lake has come into existence due to the absence of any drainage facility in the Salt Range. With all the salt being deposited from the salt range, the water of this lake is salty and saline for obvious reasons and is not quite a suitable water body to take a dip into. However, the view that the lake overthrows is a view straight out of paradise especially when the calm and peaceful water shines peacefully under the encapsulating portrait of the moonlight. In the salt range, right above the salt lake to further add a more majestic view to the scenery, stands the peak of Sakesar. Sakesar is the highest mountain that exists in the Salt range standing at a height of 1522 meters.