Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach Karachi – A Perfect Picnic Spot!

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If you are looking for picnic places in Karachi, what is better than having a walk by the shore, soaking your feet in the cool water of the Arabian Sea, and enjoying a serene sunset view by the beach. The metropolitan city has multiple beaches which are fit for a great summer picnic, but Turtle Beach is one unmatchable spot in Karachi 

Turtle Beach is a natural sandy beach with no reefs or rocks, making it great to enjoy some water sports and other activities with a group of friends or family. Many luxurious huts are also built here where you can relax, have some fun time and enjoy the beautiful clear blue ocean’s view.  Whether you are a Karachite or visiting the city, make sure you spend a day at Turtle beach. Let’s look into some must-have information about this popular tourist spot in the city.