Trango Towers

A Guide to Climb the Almighty Mountains of Trango Towers

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In a mood to do something adventurous? The 6,286 meter high mountain, called the Trango Tower, is calling you. It is located north of Baltoro Glacier in the Karakoram Mountains range and is the ultimate alpine rock climbing valley in Pakistan. It has some enormous cliffs where one can experience the most challenging mountain climbing expedition.

Along with high adrenaline, you will get to see some of the most beautiful views on earth. The scenery around the area is breathtaking. The perfection through which roads have been cut out of the gigantic mountains is artistic. On your journey, you will get to see the mesmerizing views of K2, Broad Peak, Masherbrum, the Gasherbrum, the Ogre, Chogolisia, Uli Biaho, and the Trango Towers. The appeal of the place is so high that climbers from all around the world can't get enough of the area. 

It is also known as the Great Trango Tower, which matches its enormity as it features some of the world's most prominent walls. It is said that a philanthropic climber personally created the walls as they are made out of premium granite. The views in Gilgit Baltistan are definitely something that leaves a person in awe. You will experience the magnificent wild and remote scenery and explore places like the Shigar Valley, Concordia, and the Baltoro Glacier.