Soon Valley

Soon Valley; The Oasis of The Punjab

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Pakistan; the land of pure; has been abundantly blessed with serene landscapes and jaw-dropping matchless beauty. From Frontier up North to the 5000 years old Mohenjodaro downstream, and from barren yet stunningly captivating Balochistan to the lavishly gifted ample land of Punjab, all is but beauty.

There is a place, near the Martial area of Chakwal, which presents itself as an absolute miracle in all manners like weather, geography, terrain, culture, views, landscapes, and scenery. This place is the Soon Valley better known as Soon Sakesar Valley or Wadi e Soon Sakesar. Soon Valley is located in the North West of Khushab District. The Valley is around 35 miles (56 km) long and nearly 9 miles (14 km) wide and extends from the Padhrar to Sakesar, which is the highest mountain in the whole salt range. It covers an area of approximately 300 square miles (780 km2). Soon Valley has an elevation of 1,530 m (5,010 ft) above sea level.

Soon Valley is extremely famous for its pleasant weather, and in fact Mount Sakesar, which stands at 5,010 feet (1,530 m) high above sea level is the only mountain in the entire Punjab that receives snowfall in the winter season. This is the reason this valley has been a summer destination for the DCs (Deputy Commissioners) of three Districts, Sargodha, Mianwali, and Attock. Moreover, the Valley has been a sanctuary for migratory birds that come from around the corners of the world in the winter season and find refuge in this magnificent abode.

With these remarkable features, Soon Valley can only be described as a hub of lush green forests, beautiful lakes, majestic mountains, lavish sceneries, fertile fields, and striking landscapes. Several steps have been taken to preserve the beauty of this valley through governmental and non-governmental projects. Punjab Government has taken brisk action to promote the valley as an eco-tourist destination. This project, which is titled “Development of Eco-tourism in Soon Valley at Khabeki and Uchali Lake - Khushab”, focuses on establishing Khabeki and Uchali lakes and Kanhatti Gardens as eco-friendly tourist spots.