Siri Paye

Siri Paye - The Lake in the Meadows!

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Among the several prominent lakes in Pakistan, Siri Paye is one of them which lies high above sea level, approximately 3.08m in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Nature has placed this lake very delicately in a very scenic way near the Kaghan Valley, close to Shogran, which is an equally stunning hill station nearby.

This lake with crystal clear water is located in the center of a well-guarded meadow up North, where the fields are grazed by animals and the plant life enhances the meadow life further. However, as compared to the Galiyat, Siri Pate is not as clean to be admitted in. Thus, it remains tucked away with minimal human interference. High mountains including Makra Peak, Malika Parbat, and Musa ka Musala surround the picturesque lake adding to its scenic beauty further.

Only a narrow street goes up to the lake which is also often subject to iciness from snow and rocky landslides. It is difficult terrain, being a slim and steep path of gravel measuring just 4x4, so one must be extremely cautious when moving up there. New drivers are strictly not advised to drive up here, nor someone who is not aware of such terrain.

Siri Paye is among the very rare places that have snow-capped mountains that remain untapped, making the environment around very peaceful. The location of the lake is such that it simply soothes the soul of whoever visits it.

However, beware that you do not travel up here in harsh weather conditions like heavy rain or snowfall as landslides and avalanches may occur any time during such weather, making the area very risky. Heavy rainfall with some hail is also experienced often, in addition to hurricanes and thunder giving the visitors a surprise and worsening the traffic situation.