Siachen Glacier

The Highest and Coldest Battlefield – Siachen Glacier

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One of the longest and highest mountain glaciers that exist in the world today lies near Pakistan and Indian border and it is known as the Siachen Glacier. It is also known as “mountaineer’s paradise”. The glacial fight between the two countries started off way back in 1984 as Indian troops took control of the northern side of Kashmir and ever since then both armies are standing in pretty much the same position and with the same stance on the most challenging terrains that exist on Earth today.

Before 1984, Pakistani officials have stated that there was no military presence on the glacier. The Indian Army started its secret mission and they managed to control the top most parts of the Siachen glacier. Ever since then the place has seen military presence throughout all these years. The Pakistan army was compelled to send its troops to the glacier in order to put forward its stance regarding Kashmir as well.

The place has been discussed on several platforms because of its harsh weather conditions. In September 2019, in order to observe the lifestyle of the troops and the way they manage to survive in such conditions was covered by international media under the brand name of Anadolu Agency. Living on the Siachen glacier means that the soldiers are not only preparing themselves for an attack by their enemy in the form of bullets but they have to be equally prepared for their everyday struggle with the weather.

The international media highlighted it in greater detail that how the soldiers were always ready and managed to keep an eye on their enemy despite of the cold winds that continue to blow throughout the day.