Shangrila Lake

Shangrilla Lake or Lower Kachura Lake – The Beauty of Pakistan

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Lower Kachura Lake is now famously known as the Shangrila Lake and it is one of the most famous tourist spots that exist in Pakistan today. The lake was named after a famous tourist resort was built near it which is called the Shangrila Resort.

The lower Kachura lake is surrounded by dramatic trees and scenic views that truly makes the entire place look like, “Heaven on Earth”. The lake is approximately 20 minutes away from the main city of Skardu.

The famous tourist spot Shangrila Resort derived its name from a book written by James Hilton, which was called Lost Horizon. The story revolves around an incident of a plane crash that happened near the riverbed way back in the 1920’s. It points out the journey of the survivors who took assistance from the priests nearby for their survival. The priests took them to a land that was surrounded by fruits and different types of flowers.

The actual meaning of the word Shangrila in the Tibetan language is “Heaven on Earth”. The place looks serene during the winter season as the entire area is surrounded and covered with snow giving a very surreal look to its visitors.