Saral Lake

The Captivating Saral Lake

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Saral Lake offers a breathtaking view to the visitors of Neelum valley. It is located in Pakistan in the Azad Kashmir region. The altitude of the lake exists at 13,600 feet which is approximately 4100 meters. People visiting the valley can reach the lake with the help of a jeep through the track that goes through the Gumot National Park. One more way of reaching the lake is to take the route that takes people through the Naran valley. Tourists often consider to go through the Naran side as they get to enjoy more beauty and mesmerizing views during their journey. They can come across exquisite lakes like the Dudipatsar Lake, Ratti Gali Lake, etc. The Dudipatsar route takes approximately 2 hours for the people to reach safely.

The lake often leaves its visitors speechless with its crystal clear water and that too in pure turquoise color. The water is pristine and quite often people can see a beautiful reflection of the surrounding mountains in its purest form. It adds up to the overall display and beauty of the area and its environment.