Sandspit Beach

The Astonishing Sandspit Beach

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The famous Sandspit Beach is located on the southern side in the city of Karachi. The beach is not as populated as other famous spots like Clifton Beach but one can find a bunch of families and friends spending their weekend together. The name of the beach was derived from the pits where turtles lay their eggs. The pits are mostly visible during the winter season.

The environment that surrounds the beach is very calm and people should consider visiting the beach during the months of October – March. However, the beach experiences a very rough and dry monsoon season so one should avoid visiting it during the monsoon season.

The Sandspit beach is also rich in terms of different kinds of species as it offers a variety of crabs, marine life-algae etc. Many people visit the beach on weekends and they prefer to indulge in watersport activities like swimming etc. One might spot a lot of people sunbathing at the beach as well.

Other activities that one can find on the beach includes horse and camel riding. It is one of the best and activity and it adds up to your experience.