Samahni Valley

Samahni Valley - Encapsulation of Nature, Beauty, and Love

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Located in the heart of Bhimber, which is a prominent district in Azad Jammu & Kashmir, the Samahni Valley is a heart-throbbing view for all those visiting this region. It is the main village that is mainly located in the Samahni Valley which is also the largest valley in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. 

The valley is a mesmerizing sight to encapsulate as it is filled with the most beautiful lakes, glittery streams, forests, flora, and natural habitat that is rarely found in Pakistan. To an ordinary onlooker, it definitely comes out as paradise itself on the face of the earth. The valley outstretches its beauty to many kilometers spanning from the Bhimber City all the way to Jandala where it finally comes to a closure near the Mirpur City. 

Not only is the valley an eye candy for those who love devoting their time and attention to nature and greenery, but the Samahni Village itself is a heavenly bliss in disguise. From the scenic beauty of nature with a wide variety of well-dispersed wildflowers and flora to the natives living here, there is not a thing that goes unnoticed in this fascinating region. 

Both the valley and the village are mostly popular for producing medicinal herbs and plants which is another reason why this place attracts many tourists and travelers.