Soan Sakesar Valley

The Mesmerizing Charm of Soan Sakesar Valley

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The Soan Sakesar Valley is located in the northern Punjab near the Chakwal district and the salt range. The place is famously known for its Khabikki Lake, Jahlar Lake and the Uchali Lake which was created mainly because the water does not have any place to drain hence the salt water lakes were formed. The valley is surrounded by mountains that make the valley look insanely beautiful as it uplifts and further enhances the natural charm it offers to its tourists.

The number of tourists that visit the place each year has managed to help the place gain importance globally as well as internationally. It has beautiful panoramic sights, which includes lakes, springs, waterfalls, valleys etc. The lush green thick forests and the tall mountains add up to the landscape and the environment that the place has to offer.