Sajikot Waterfall

Sajikot Waterfall – A Place like Paradise

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The Sajikot waterfall is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa in the Abottabad district. The place is 20 minutes away from the Havelian Tehsil. The waterfall is the most beautiful and mesmerizing place that one can ever come across.

It has developed over the years as tourists can now take their cars near the waterfall and enjoy the view with their loved ones. Ever since then it has become one of the popular tourist destination that exists in Pakistan today. Its strategic location has made it the most popular place in KPK. The place is peaceful and it offers one of the most calm and relaxing atmosphere to its visitors.

The place appeals mostly to the families who are planning to visit it for different activities like picnic, tour or just for sight-seeing purposes. However, one can spot a lot of couples as well as it is one of the best place that one can find in Pakistan for a romantic getaway. One can sit by the fire in winters and enjoy their meal or company.