Pir Ghaib Waterfalls

Pir Ghaib Waterfall – The Myth of the Invisible Saint

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The famous Pir Ghaib waterfall is located in the Bolan valley, which is an integral part of Balochistan. Many people including the locals consider Balochistan to be the most neglected province of Pakistan. The traditions and cultures followed in this part of the country are quite different and unique than the ones that are followed in other provinces. There are various myths and stories that surrounds the province, which includes the story of 40 infant souls of Chiltan and the story of Pir Ghaib. The waterfall was also named after a story of a saint who vanished in the Bolan valley hence the name of the waterfall was kept in order to remember him and his story.

Pir Ghaib Waterfall is one of the most well-known tourist spots that exist in Pakistan. The waterfall is located approximately 70 km away from the city of Quetta. Many people visit the spot for picnic or mini family getaway purposes. The water from the waterfall makes it ways through different streams and ponds that are going through the thick, green, tall palm trees.

The water that falls is a mix of two separate waterfalls. The most distinct feature about the waterfall is its blue color and the fact that the surrounding area of the waterfall is completely barren.

The waterfall is popular because of the calm and soothing environment it offers to the locals as well as the visitors. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green land and crystal clear water which makes it stand out amongst the many tourist attractions that exist in Balochistan.