Phander Lake

Phander Lake – The Hidden yet Mesmerizing Lake in Pakistan

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Phander Lake is a lake which is located in the Phander Village of Pakistan. The village is located on the western side of the Gilgit Baltistan region. The lake is one of the most important source of fresh water hence many villagers are dependent on the lake if they wish to access fresh water which is free from different impurities. The lake can be accessed both via Gilgit and Chitral hence if you are planning to visit any of the regions mentioned then Phander Lake should be in your list as well. It is a village that is located near the Shandur Pass. The lake is also famously known as Nango Chatt.

Phander Lake is a very pleasant place to be in because it offers a scenic view and is surrounded by lush green garden and forests. It brings people close to nature. The smooth yet twisty roads takes people through the forests down towards the valley where the lake is located.