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Whenever people discuss the area of Gilgit Baltistan, the first thing that comes to their mind is Passu as it has a lot of importance for the people living specifically in that locality. The place is quite amongst tourists mainly because of the scenic beauty and mesmerizing view it offers. The place Passu is located in the upper part of Hunza and its lies near the Karakoram Highway due to which it has a lot of importance for the people and government of Pakistan.

The glacier is linked to a lot of other glaciers in the region and it lies approximately 14 kilometres away from Gulmit, which is considered to be the Tehsil headquarter of the Gojal Valley. The highest peak that exists in the region has an altitude of 6106 metres as it stands all above the sea level. It is known as Mount Tu Popdan.

Passu Village has a very unique environment and landscape which is surrounded by high mountains, terrains, barren lands etc. The village has a lot of different sites that highlight the captivating beauty of mother nature.

Many tourists visit the glacier as it is located close to the Sarai Silk Route Hotel. They tend to visit it by a short walk rather than using any sort of transportation facility. The glacier can be seen while the tourists are on their way towards the Khunjerab Pass.

The cold breezes near the glacier are enjoyed the most by the tourists so even if someone is planning a trip to the glaciers then make sure one takes warm clothing along with them.