Namal Lake Tour Guide

Namal Lake – The Eye Catching Beauty of Mianwali

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Pakistan is rich in tourist spots and attractions and each place has its own distinct beauty and feature. Each place is known for its own unique aspect and its contribution towards enhancing and uplifting the natural beauty that Pakistan has to offer to its visitors.

Namal Lake is one such example which is located in Mianwali, a district that is located in the province of Punjab. The lake goes back to the historical era when the British people were in command. The Namal Dam was created in 1913 in order to make up for the shortage of water that could be used for irrigation purposes. The dam was built on the Namal lake. However, now as new irrigation systems have been introduced the usage of the lake as well as the dam has shrunken down to a great extent.

It is a manmade lake and it covers at least 5.5 kilometres, which is said to be the largest lake hat is spreading across the valley.

The lake is surrounded by mountains on one side and on the other side there are wide agricultural lands. The lake is famously known for hosting the migration of Siberian birds during the winter season. Many tourists visit the place in winters to experience the migration process as during some instances tourists have spotted the birds sitting besides the lake.