Muchu Chish

Muchu Chhish - The Second-Highest Unclimbed Mountain in the World!

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The mountains in Karakoram Range are overshadowed by the K2- the Savage Mountain, which is considered an ultimate ascend or prize by trekkers. The highest point of Karakoram is known as the mountain of mountains as it is the final challenge for climbers.

But, there are more mysteries hidden in the Karakoram besides K2. Some of the greatest 7000 and 8000-meter mountains are at a distance of a few kilometres from K2. One such mountain is the Muchu Chhish that is the second-highest unclimbed mountain currently in the world. 

Similar to Muchu Chiish, many peaks in the Karakoram at an elevation of 6000 and 7000 meters remain unchallenged. 

Muchu Chhish is located in the Batura Muztagh mountain subrange in Karakoram. As the mountain is located in a remote and inaccessible region, very few attempts were made on these expeditions, and none were successful.