Mount Noshaq

Climb the Mighty Mount Noshaq for a Thrilling Experience

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If you have an adventurous bone in your body, then you need something challenging in life. Located in the northeast of Afghanistan, the mountains of Noshaq soar high up to 24,580 feet. They are a part of the Hindu Kush mountains located in the Wakhan Corridor and are some of the mightiest mountains in the region. The land is isolated and connects China with Afghanistan. The views of the place are spectacular as it is the habitat of rare wildlife species, such as ibex, Marco Polo sheep, snow leopards, and urial. It is the perfect spot for wildlife and nature lovers and people who are not scared of going the extra mile to experience what life is truly about.

Speaking of thrill, the summit of Mount Noshaq is quite dangerous, but challenging for the regular mountain climbers. The height scares most people, therefore, it is not a popular destination for tourists. There are hazardous rifts, ruptured ice faces, frigid temperatures that are difficult for human survival and fierce winds. However, it is a pathway to war-torn lands that gives a cultural insight to people who are interested in seeing the historical region with land mines.