Moola Chotok Tour Guide

Moola Chotok- The Pearl of Balochistan!

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Moola Chotok is a hidden jewel of Balochistan that denies the common perception of the region. Balochistan is seen as a land of desert areas and dry hills, but Moola Chotok ideally portrays that the province is beyond that.

Located in the Khuzdar district, Moola Chotok is among the marvels of Balochistan that show that the province has many wonders of nature that are yet to be explored, unleashed, and cherished. 

With its serene atmosphere and running waterfalls, Moola Chotok is a stunning location for tourists from all across the country and the world.

Balochistan remains a mysterious region for many tourists as many areas of this province remain unexplored. Even though places like Kund Malir and Hingol National Park get a reasonable share of attention from the media, there is still a lot to be discovered. 

Gems like Moola Chotok, a hidden oasis lying between desert dunes and mountains, carry equal potential for generating tourism.It won't be wrong to call Moola Chotok a paradise in Balochistan as it is home to some of the largest waterfalls present in the province.

While you are in Moola Chotok, you will find yourself surrounded by a deep blue pool, fishes swirling water, and cascading waterfalls that are the region's main attractions.