Manora Beach

Manora Beach – A place of bliss!

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Karachi city is blessed with a vast coastline having multiple beaches. From the Clifton Sea View and Hawke’s Bay to Sandspit, French Beach, Sunehra Beach, Paradise Point, and many more there are a lot of beach excursion spots for the city natives. Furthermore, the Arabian Sea has multiple islands close to the mainland including the Astola Island, Bundal and Buddo Islands, Churna Island, and Manora Island. Of these, trips to Manora are the most popular ones given their cheap cost and great experience. 


Manora or as known in the Sindhi language Manoro is not exactly an island rather it is a small peninsular just off the Kemari Port’s coast and has been considered as an island for all these years as there was no route by land to this area. There are islands all around this seascape, protecting the endangered mangrove tree forests. Many groups of people including fishermen and their families reside in this region.