Malika Parbat

Malika Parbat or Queen of the Mountains

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Malika Parbat is 17,360 ft huge and it is located near Lake Saiful Muluk and Ansoo Lake. The mountain is known to have 3 prominent summits and the highest peak is the one that is located in the South. The summits are known as Malika Parbat North Peak, Malika Parbat Cresta and Malika Parbat South Peak. Several attempts have been made to climb the highest peak especially in 1998 when a Pakistani citizen Rashid Butt along with Omer bin Abdul Aziz tried but Rashid Butt fell down and succumbed to his injuries. The attempts of climbing the mountain were not only carried out by Pakistani’s but Europeans as well.

However, a lot of controversies and speculations surround the area as it has been pointed out by many that the place cannot be reached by the regular trekkers as the mountains are considered to be steep and different supernatural hazards are also involved. On a whole a total of 12 climbers have managed to reach the top of the mountains.

In 2018, a team of 8 Pakistani Army soldiers decided to see what the world looks like from the top. They started off with their most difficult yet challenging journey. They were the first ever soldiers to achieve this milestone. It was one of the most successful climbing teams regardless of the extreme weather conditions.