Laila Peak Trek

Laila Peak - The Majestically Spear-Shaped Peak

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Laila peak is one of the prominent peaks located in the heart of the Karakoram range. It stands tall and mighty, ascending to a fascinating height of 6096 meters in the Hushe Valley, adjacent to the Gondogoro Glacier. This peak lies in the zone covered by the region of Gilgit, Baltistan, Pakistan, and is one of the most attractive sights in the upper half of the country. The best part about the mountain that sets it apart from all the other peaks is its exotic shape that gives the mountain the appearance of a spear. This distinct appearance of the peak is due to the inclination of the northwest face of the peak that is angled to about 45 degrees. The inclination follows the peaks for more than 1500 meters making the mountain ascend like a sharp spear aiming for the glorious skies above.

Even though the sight that this peak adds to the beauty of the Karakoram range is unlike anything else, nevertheless, the steeply angled entity is no joke to ascend. The peak has only been climbed twice as far as the climbing history records, with only seven people in total making it to the summit of the mountain. Located on the east of the Gondogoro valley and west of the Chogolisa, the Laila peak rose to fame after tourists started crossing the Gondogoro La from Concordia and K2 base camp. With the increasing interest, more expeditions are now being planned to climb this elevation of beauty.