Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir Beach – the beauty in Balochistan!

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Road trips and excursions are undoubtedly some of the best ways through which one can let their soul and body de-stress. Fortunately, Pakistan is a country blessed with many exotic locations and sensational views that help your soul unwind from all the problems of your life and gives you a fresh breeze of relaxation and freshness.

If you are thinking about where to head for a road trip now, then Balochistan is the ideal place to visit. The province has very stunning and glaring beauty that is surrounded by diverse geographical features and great places and opportunities for expeditions that make it a platter of delight offered to visitors. This untapped region of Pakistan has pulled itself out from fear and terror and managed to open a gate of beautiful, incredible views very wholeheartedly.

Talking about Balochistan, Kund Malir is among the most precious and beautiful gems of the province. Besides being a place of absolute solitude, it is a wonderland of amusement and recreational activities as well allowing the tourists to cherish and enjoy every moment spent here delightfully.