Koyo Zom

Koyo Zom- Tallest Beauty of the Hindu Raj Range

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Koyo Zom, as unique as its name is, is also one of the largest peaks that sit in the Hindu Raj mountain range. This particular mountain range is located in the northern zone of Pakistan with the prominent ranges of the Hindu Kush and the Karakoram ranges marginalizing the west and east sides respectively. 

The Hindu Raj range is prominently known for its popular beauty peak Koyo Zom. Alongside Koyo Zom this range has also attracted notable interest for the other peaks that stand tall including Buni Zom, Ghambur Zom, and Gul Lasht Zom. Koyo Zom as mentioned earlier is the tallest peak of the range hitting a mesmerizing height of 6872 meters. 

The peak is located on the boundary that is shared between the Chitral District and Gilgit-Baltistan. Stranded on its own, the peak is an epitome of beauty and grace and also resembles one of the medieval cathedral monuments. Not only for its hiking purposes, but this peak is also quite popular for the fascination that it dwells the tourists in by its scenic view and soothing, picturesque vibe.