Khanpur Lake

Khanpur Lake

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Khanpur City and Lake

Just about 35 KM towards North East from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, you go to Khanpur city which is in district Haripur.

Khanpur Lake was built 1953 alongside development of Khanpur Dam which is 52 meters (170 feet) high and can hold up to 110,000, a section of land feet of water. Also, Khanpur Dam was worked during the period of President Ayyub Khan. Khanpur Lake is a supply, which gives drinking water to Islamabad and Rawalpindi also. Most importantly, Irrigation water likewise gave an excessive number of the farming and mechanical zones. 

Khanpur lake is a pleasant spot for day long excursion, with blue water lake, some sensible hotels for respectable food and overnight stay, sailing and fly skiing, bluff plunging or simply a family/companions outing. During winters (January or February), do appreciate Red Blood Oranges of Khanpur (Best on the planet), and summers are pleasant particularly for water fun. The Blue-green water of the dam draws in many travelers from everywhere in Pakistan. Encompassing Khanpur Lake are fragrant blossoms, cultivated and abandoned ways covered with blooming trees.