Keenjhar Lake

You Need The Scenic Beauty of Keenjhar Lake for the Peace of Your Soul

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Summer is almost around the corner, and who does not want a good vacation getaway to cool your mind and relax your soul? The past year has been a tough one for most of us, with Pakistan and the whole world fighting a die-hard battle with the prevalent pandemic. However, with the decline in coronavirus cases, the world has once again picked up its pace and resumed all its activities. Getting out of the lockdown can be exciting, but even more exciting is when you use this opportunity to move around the country and visit some of the coolest places you never knew about.

When one thinks about a vacation, our thoughts are naturally directed towards the natural peace of the mountains, valleys, hills, water bodies, and lakes. Fortunately, Pakistan is a country that is rich in all of these natural wonders and sites. One very famous site that you can easily visit in the province of Sindh is Keenjhar Lake.