Kaptana Lake

Katpana Lake; A Turquoise Beauty of Skardu

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Mother Nature has its way of beautifying the world, and sometimes these settings just leave us in awe. Is it usual for you to see snow falling in areas where temperature can go well up to 35 O C in summer or have you ever heard of a desert that is situated thousands of meters above sea level? Surprised? Well, both of these are true as there are places like that.

From snow-receiving mountains of Soon Valley located in the warm Salt Range (Pakistan) to the high-altitude desolated pristine known as Cold Desert or Katpana Desert (locally known as Biama Nakpo) in Skardu, Mother Nature has been prolific in spreading flamboyant and ornate landscapes throughout the entire planet.

As we have already talked about the Soon Valley in another blog, today we venture on a journey to discover yet another alluring beauty that is rare to be seen elsewhere. This beauty is Katpana Lake, located in Skardu right beside the Cold Desert or Katpana Desert.