Karambar Lake

The High Altitude Karambar Lake

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Karambar Lake is also spelled as “Qurumbar Lake”. It is known as the high altitude lake which is still biologically active as it is not going to freeze because of the high altitude and temperature. The lake is also known to be the 33rd highest lake in the world and the 2nd highest lake in Pakistan. The lake is approximately 52 meters deep and it has a length of 3.9 kilometers.

The lake is located in Ishkomen which is a Tehsil of the District Ghizer in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. The lake is also known widely for its water clarity which stands at 13.75. It is recorded to be the highest value in terms of all the other lakes that exist in Pakistan today.

The place offers amazing sight to the visitors especially when during the winter season as the mountains are covered with snow and the lake shines like a diamond during the day under the glistening rays of the sun.