Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley - A Jewel of Mansehra, Pakistan

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The valley of Kaghan is deemed a jewel among the many valleys present in Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The valley extends to over 160 kilometers and is a renowned summer holiday resort for tourists traveling from both abroad and within the country.

For traveling, fishing, and hiking enthusiasts, Kaghan Valley is no less than heaven. You will observe different shades of colors spreading on the mountains ranging from green, orange to mud brown and grey that is a sight to see.

Hindko and Gojri are the common languages spoken by the locals of Kaghan Valley. But you don't have to worry as the national language Urdu is widely understood here too.

Naran, a popular destination here in Kaghan Valley, highly contributes to why Kaghan attracts millions of tourists, especially during the summer season. The Himalayan mountains present in the valley are shadowed by clouds and covered in snow.

The local people living here in Kaghan are friendly and welcoming. The Gujar nomads are one of the tribes of this valley, and just like the landscapes, these nomads are an interesting feature too. They take their cattle to the upper parts of Kaghan Valley in spring and bring them back in autumn.

As you travel on the road to Kaghan, you will find these nomads' camps traveling through the valley with their pack of goats and sheep.