Hub Lake

Hub Lake - A Cool and Refreshing Picnic Spot

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The Hub Lake is a beautifully made reservoir on the Hub River that is not only a vital source of drinking water but is also well renowned for being one of the beautiful picnic spots of the country. The Hub Lake is located on the knitted border of the two prominent provinces namely Sindh and Balochistan and is at a distance of 56 km from the city of Karachi. 

The lake is mainly situated in the Karachi and Lasbela Districts and is close to the citizens of Karachi who are more than welcome to wander around the beautiful place.

 Other than for recreational purposes, the lake has also served the municipal, industrial, and irrigation sectors of the city. As it is already known, Karachi is the hub of the industrial activities that take place in the country and therefore water is an important requirement of the city. 

The Hub dam successfully fulfills the city’s requirements. Similarly, the dam has also served as the main source of water to the farmers of Karachi who use this dam as the sole source of irrigation. 

The Hub Dam as it is sometimes referred to is the third-largest dam of Pakistan and also one of the pivotal water providing sources to the nearby cities. Categorized as the Earth fill dam, the construction of this dam began in September 1963 and was finally put into action in June 1918. The dam stretches to about 24300 acres and has an amazing capacity of storing 857000 acres feet of water. 

The total surface area of the dam is 29.06 square miles with an active capacity of 656,000-acres ft and an inactive capacity of 41,806 acres ft. 

The main reason why this dam is given much value and attention is that it is the main drinking source of the main industrious city, Karachi. The dam was seen as a bonus to the environment as the reservoir was surrounded by an area that was later maintained as a wildlife sanctuary.