Hoper Glacier

Hoper Glacier – The Beauty of Hoper Valley

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Hoper Valley has a lot of small villages that are located in the heart of the valley. Many people visit the place for trekking purposes and the village serves as a base camp for them. The population that lives in valley speaks Burushaski language, which is quite different than the language that is spoken in other parts of Hunza. Tourists can find numerous natural spots and formations which include glaciers like hoper glacier, barpu, glacier and mier glacier. It also offers a scenic view to lakes and high mountains which make people believe that heaven can truly exist on Earth.

The Hopar Glacier is located in the Hopar Valley which is a region in the Nagar District. The valley is considered to be one of the most beautiful and scenic locations that the place has to offer. It is surrounded by tall mountains that are covered entirely in snow and one such mountain is known as the Hoper Glacier. The glacier stands out amongst the rest mainly because is it covered in mud and dust all the time.