Hispar Glacier

Hispar Glacier - Karakoram’s Magnificent Highway of Ice!

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Hispar Glacier is a high and long mountain glacier located in the Karakoram Mountains, Gilgit Baltistan at an elevation of about 10,000 feet above sea level. The glacier meets with the Biafo Glacier at the Hispar Pass which together creates the largest glacial system in the world with an altitude of around 5000 meters.

This magnificent highway of ice bridges the gap between two mountain kingdoms with Baltistan in the East and Hunza in the west. Reaching this glacier is not for the weak hearted as the hillside is extremely steep.

The boulder hopping is quite strenuous for trekkers hence it makes the first part of the journey from Biafo to Hispar quite difficult. From the Hispar Glacier, the view of high peaks, cliffs with snow blankets and the mountains to the south of glacier will make you marvel over nature’s wonders.