Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park - A Valuable Asset of Pakistan!

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Not all tourists are unaware of the serene beauty and charm of the largest province of Pakistan, Balochistan. The region is home to many gems like the Hingol National Park that call for attention, documentation and appreciation by both the local and foreign tourists.

The Hingol National Park is in Balochistan, where it spreads over parts of Awaran, Lasbela and Gwadar Districts. With nearly 6100 square kilometres of area, it is the second-largest national Park of Pakistan with captivating beauty and is home to many wildlife species.

With the Arabian Sea being on the south of Park, your eyes will be treated to a fine scenery of towering buttresses, cliffs and pinnacles. The Hingol river meandering through the park landscape not only adds to the beauty of the Hingol National Park but also nurtures crocodiles and leads to an estuary that is the habitat of rare fish species.

For tourists who love wildlife photography, the Hingol National Park makes it the perfect tourist destination. Marine turtles, marsh crocodiles, and endangered species like ibexes and dolphins are among these places' main attractions.

In addition, the unique rock formations like the Princess of Hope make Hingol National Park a paradise for those who embark on journeys to explore the wonders of mother nature. 

The Park is also categorized as a semi-coastal desert as a large chunk of the Hingol National Park is covered in drift sand.

When exploring the surroundings of Hingol National Park, you will find significant variance in the topographical features as up north, the Park is covered by sub-tropical forest, which ranges to arid montane in the west.