Haramosh Valley

Haramosh Valley - the majestic land of mountains and lakes

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One of the scenic and naturally God-made treasures on the face of the earth, the Haramosh Valley is a spectacle that no traveler would want to miss out on. The valley is a mystical sight and is located amongst the beauties of the Karakoram range lying in the Gilgit-Baltistan district of Pakistan. In order to witness the gorgeous view of the valley, travelers have to plan an interesting trek to reach their heavenly destination. Although the trek can be a little tiring for travelers trying to hike for the first time, however, all the efforts are satisfactorily rewarded by the diverse views that the travelers experience on their way.

Usually, a trek to one of the mountains or valleys consists of a track that has a consistent surrounding and very little variety to offer but things are quite different when it comes to the Haramosh Valley. The best part, in fact about this trek is that the travelers are provided with a combination of different aspects of nature. 

The trek starts with the welcoming and humble villages that have the added bonus of snow-covered mountains and lovely meadows. As you move on further, the tourists come across the wide variety of different plantations and flora that beautifully embroideries the trekking pathway. People also come across the livestock, wild animals, and enchanting forests that give them a deeper insight into the beauty of the place.

About the Valley

The Haramosh Valley is located in the Karakoram range and lies at a distance of 65 kilometers east of Gilgit. Additionally, it is located in the south-central part of the Rakaposhi Haramosh mountains which is a separate sub-range that is located within the span of the Karakoram range. From the north bank of the Indus River, the valley takes a steep and steady rise. The valley has two majestic peaks namely the Haramosh Peak and the Haramosh Kutwal Laila Peak.