Hamal Lake

Hamal Lake

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Hemal lake is located in Qambar Shahdadkot District in Sindh, Pakistan, 58 kilometers from Larkana city and 40 km from Qambar town. The length of the lake is twenty-five kilometers and the width is 10 kilometers and has a surface territory of 2965 acres of land (1200 ha). It is a freshwater lake and the primary source of water are the streams coming through from Kirthar Mountains. 

The shining, perfectly clear water of the lake and the rich green fields around are a treat for the eyes and a wonderful dose for the senses. The lake is quiet, tranquil, and appealing. The calm sight of the lake is fascinating. Hamal Lake can make you speechless by its stunning magnificence. The climate is generally lovely here. The mornings and dusks are a treat to watch. Outdoors under the wonderful sky and adjacent to this lake is a fantasy. One can experience nature at its best here. 

Lake's water profundity is eleven to twelve feet, which stream to the Manchar Lake through the M.N.V channel, with the length and width of 10 kilometers. This lake comprises the four little lakes specifically Badram, kachheri, karowar and the Sarroh lake. Interestingly the hills of the Soriyah Sapot ,Badram and Pinri are additionally in this lake. Numerous individuals around Sindh as well as Pakistan regularly pick this site to visit and particularly for hunting.