Hadero Lake

HaderoLake; A Home Of Waterfowls Like No Other

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You might have been fortunate enough to see a few species of waterfowls at least for once in your life and that with a taste of luck, but what if you could get a chance to see more than that? Right! So here is the deal. You could certainly have your chance. Of the other wetland areas of Pakistan, one particular wetland, located right beside the metropolitan city of Karachi, could fulfill your dream to become an ornithologist for once. 

This place is Hadero Lake, a salty water wetland, where, every year, numerous precious and unique, rare, and endangered species of waterfowl arrive from far-distant areas of the world to settle down for around five months or so. Spending an evening by this lake can turn into an amazing lifetime experience as by that time the birds finally settle down, some spreading their wings over the lake water, with the sun setting in the background, what could be more beautiful than that?

After Keenjhar and Haleji, Hadero Lake, with a surface area of 1,321 ha (5.10 sq mi) is the third-largest lake in this rocky desert area and serves as a hot tourist and ornithologist’s destination since it hosts a large number of winged guests from different parts of the world every year. The water of this lake is brackish, and the fact that its water reflects the true colors of the salinity, is also observable from the sky, from where it appears the palest as compared to two other lakes; Keenjhar and Haleji.