Gwadar Beach

Gwadar Beach – An International Port City

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Gwadar is a port city that is located near the southwestern coast of Balochistan. It was considered to be an overseas possession of Oman till 1958. Gwadar was always known a place that has a medium sized settlement and its economy relied heavily on artisanal fishing.

Gwadar gained popularity after its strategic location was analyzed way back in 1954. It was identified as a site which can be used for a deep water port. However, it was not until 2001 that the government of Pakistan decided to take some initiatives in order to further develop the place. The construction near the port began and by 2007 the first phase was inaugurated successfully. Furthermore, the construction was also not utilized by the people and the government in general due to different reasons which includes lack of investment, security or failure on the part of the government.

The importance of Gwadar further came into existence when CPEC was initiated as it became a main component of the project. Due to Gwadar and its scenic beach, Balochistan has managed to gain its importance and recognition just like every other province of Pakistan. It is considered as the hub of every economic activity that is likely to be carried out within Pakistan in the near future.