Godwin Austin Glacier

The Incredible Godwin Austen Glacier

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The incredible Godwin Austen Glacier is located near the second highest mountain peak i.e. K2. It is located in Gilgit Baltistan and is slightly near the Xinjiang of China. It is confluent with the Baltimore Glacier and Concordia. Concordia is the most famous trekking spot amongst tourists as many people from all across the world tend to visit this place to enhance and learn new skills for trekking. It lies at an altitude of 8612 meters. 

The common route to reach the Glacier is done specifically through the Skardu. The name of the mountain was derived to honor Godwin Austen who was the first surveyor of the K2 peak. He was one of the famous geologists and naturalists who determined the actual height and position of the mountain.  

The mountain K2 is also sometimes referred to as the Godwin Austen Glacier but the geographical society does not accept this name even though there are a few instances and places where the mountain was referred to by this name. 

The mountain K2 itself is surrounded by a total of 17 high mountains. All 17 mountain are included in the list of highest mountain peaks all across the world.