French Beach

French Beach – Pride of Karachi

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French beach is located in Karachi in between Hawkes Bay and Paradise Point. It is a fishing area that is quite different from its surroundings and it is mostly visited by the elite class of Karachi. The French Beach has a total of 95 huts that are constructed by the villagers for recreational purposes as people tend to book them if they are visiting with families or friends. 

The French Beach is called French Beach because when the surroundings of the beach were developed, the locals constructed huts and they were giving it on rent to the foreigners. The renting process was being done in an unlawful manner. The theme of the beach is mainly on the old school style yet the government is taking numerous measures and initiatives to modernize it as much as possible. Many people who are looking for adventure and people who wish to go surfing love to visit the place and explore the clear green water that touches the brown shore in the most calm and peaceful manner.