Fort Munro

Fort Munro – A Hill Station in South Punjab!

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Some of the most spectacular tourist attractions in the world are present in Pakistan. The country is blessed with astonishing topographic characteristics, enjoys all four seasons, and was also recognized as the world’s top tourist destination during 2020. Punjab is one province in Pakistan that is blessed with amazing natural diversity – from the largest deserts to breathtaking hill stations and lush green fields, you will find it all here. One of the most stunning hill stations of the province, Fort Munro is a great example of this.  

Fort Munro happens to be the only hill station present in the foothills of the Suleiman range in Southern Punjab, near the Punjab-Balochistan junctions. The hill station is named after a British administrator of the time, Col. Munro. It is 5500 ft. above sea level, and can be reached by an exciting drive through the barren but panoramic landscape. Several tourists visit here each year, especially those who look for an escape from the heat of South Punjab and visit here for pleasant weather.