Dhani Waterfall

Dhani Waterfall – Another Wonder at Neelum Valley!

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Dhani waterfall also called the Dhani Noseri Waterfall is situated 38 kilometers from the Muzaffarabad district, Azad Kashmir. It is among the most beautiful and spectacular waterfalls present in Pakistan. With an elevation of around 3583 ft. it is one of the highest waterfalls present in the Neelum Valley.

It is located in Azad Kashmir, around 99km from Islamabad in the north-east direction. There are about 8 airports near the Dhani Waterfall, of which one is a bit larger. Muzaffarabad Airport, 20km away in the southwest direction is the closest one. Apart from air travel, there are other options to reach Dhani as well. You may take a bus from

Pirwadhai, heading to Muzaffarabad, Kashmir. Stop at Muzaffarabad and thereon get a van going to Sharda or Athmuqam. You may then ask the driver to stop the van at Dhani Waterfall, which is just by the road. The Dhani waterfall’s water is clean and crystal clear. It will take about 5 hours by road from Islamabad to reach here, which makes around 240km. If you just want to sit and ponder over nature’s beauty, there’s no better place than the Dhani waterfall. Just sit here and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

There are some tuck shops available here where you can find some snacks to refresh. Albeit being a remote area, the toilet and sanitation services are also adequate here, as this might be a pressing concern of many. The Neelum Vallery receives thousands of tourists each year who then also visit the Dhani waterfall and explore the beauty of this marvelous spot. A cool murk is created on the ground foot of the waterfall by its falling water that refreshes the tourists.