Chitta Katha Lake

Chitta Katha Lake- The Beautiful Lake and Eye Candy for Trekkers

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Chitta Katha Lake is one of the most enticing and bewitching attraction places and water bodies located in the heart of the Shounter Valley which is further located in the Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The Shounter Valley is itself a beauty magnet, the route to which is scarcely opened for a few months each year. The lake is situated at an altitude of 13,500 feet above sea level. The lake is an absolute beauty and with its glistening and clear running water, it never fails to relax the weary and restless travelers coming to rest by it. The name of the lake, Chitta Katha is translated in English as the ‘white stream; which is quite understandable as is evident by the charming and clear water of the lake itself.  

The lake receives its origin from the water that comes flowing down from Mount Harri Parbat which is another interesting fact about the lake owing to the historical background of the mountain itself. The mountain top houses an old Fort that dates back all the way back to the ancient times of the Mughals. Also, the hilltop is filled with diverse attractions such as the Gurudwara and Mathaji temples which are the Hindu temples making this place all the more fascinating. The mountain is a place of worship for the Hindus and also boasts about their rituals and culture. 

The lake, despite all its beauty and fascination, is not an easy place to access and can be reached only after a very tiring but very gorgeous trek. The road to the destination is very rough and can completely wear out the travelers; however, the beautiful scenery that accompanies the trek is a constant motivation for the tourists to keep going. The journey starts with a jeep track that begins from Kel and continues all the way to Domail Bala. The jeep track is a rough 20 kilometers long journey on a single road after the end of which the real trekking begins. Kel is the base camp for the Chitta Katha Lake and is therefore important in this regard. After the jeep track, the hiking trek begins which is approximately 5 kilometers long.