Broad Peak

Broad Peak - A Treat for Both Beginner and Expert Mountaineers!

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Locally known as Falchan Kangri and also known by the name of K3, the Broad Peak ranks as the 12th highest mountain and most accessible at the height of 8047 metres. 

Broad Peak is known as one of the easiest 8000 metres peaks, making it a great option for beginners to start off the adventure. The peak is located on the border of China and Pakistan. In contrast to Mount Everest, Broad Peak has been submitted ten times less. 

If you want to be mesmerised by some of the best views present in the Karakoram mountain range, then this 52-day expedition is just for you.

Broad Peak is present adjacent to K2 and got its name from the immense bulk and breadth at the top. Broad Peak has also been known as the Enormous Trip-Headed Breithorn.