Biafo Glacier

Biafo Glacier- The Third Longest Glacier In The World!

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Biafo Glacier is among the 7000 known glaciers in Pakistan that account for more glacial ice in the country than anywhere else on Earth, with the polar regions being an exception. 

Glaciers in Pakistan are the main attractions of the Northern part of the country and feed the rivers that hold an estimated 75 percent supply of water stored in the country. 

Situated on the south-facing slopes of the Karakoram mountain range in Gilgit Baltistan and Ladakh, Biafo is the third largest glacier in Karakoram with a length of 63 kilometres. 

Biafo Glacier meets with the 49 kilometres long Hispar Glacier at the Hispar Pass at an altitude of nearly 5000 metres. Both these glaciers together form the longest glacial system in the world outside the polar regions.

The highway of ice made by the glaciers connects the ancient mountain kingdoms of Nagar in the west with Baltistan in the east. 

While exploring this cold region, you will barely see any vegetation on this tract due to the freezing temperature and cold weather that remains all along the year.

With its impressive landscape extending from Askole to Nagar Village, Biafo is currently ranked among the best treks in the Karakoram range. 

The Biafo glacier is fed by many smaller glaciers at different points. The mainstream of Biafo, together with the Baltoro Glacier, feeds the Shigar river in the Baltistan region.