Banjosa Valley

Banjosa Valley - A valley encapsulating the Banjosa Lake

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Banjosa valley is a town of the city Rawalakot, it is a little vacation spot around 20 kilometers (12 mi) from Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir. Banjosa is a kashmiri noun, comprising two sections "Ban" signifies forest and josa was proprietor of the entire banjosa land. This little man-made land on account of its excellent and astonishing sights and astounding nursery is celebrated as a place of interest with exuberant trees and vivid blossoms. Its picturesque excellence and noteworthy encompassing is convincing and pulls in visitors to reach here and appreciate nature. 

Initially, Banjosa valley was rented by the Kashmiri Hindu Pandits. Muslims were outsiders in Banjosa valley around the late thirteenth century. As per few Natives, Sudhans in Banjosa are a mix of Saduzai and Kashmiri Barhamans. On the other hand, as indicated by strict researcher of Banjosa Sardar Muhammad Azam Khan, Sudhans are settlers of Palangi, Kashmir. After a long span of time, outlined groups of Mughals and Kiyanis were accepted in Banjosa. Strict aggressiveness or opportunity battle in Kashmir was dispatched by Captain Hussein khan and Other Pakistani Militants from Banjosa valley and different pieces of Kashmir. 

It's a modest community with a population of roughly one lac sixty thousand. It is additionally the home to the Kahuta Research Laboratories which were established to attempt the Kahuta Project as a component of the nuclear bomb project. Before the Kahuta Project, the site was worked by retired officials of Pakistan Armed Forces and contained a little open local area, including a private secondary school. The spot is excellent however with high ready security, the mobile telecom isn't utilitarian there. Most utilized language in Banjosa valley is Pahari for example, effectively comprehensible by the greater part of individuals. Banjosa valley has the well-known Banjosa Lake.