Banjosa Lake

Banjosa Lake – The Artificial Lake of Pakistan

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The most famous tourist spot located in Rawalakot is Banjosa Lake. Rawalakot is a place located near Islamabad and many people also call it as Pearl Valley. The city is known for its lush green forests and the weather is extremely friendly which is suitable for people even in the summer season as well. Visitors actively participate in activities lie hiking, trekking, climbing, water sports and paragliding etc.

Banjosa lake is an artificial lake which means that the lake is completely man made and it is being used for the purposes of storing water. There are different ways through which artificial lakes can be created. Banjosa lake is one such beautiful example that exists in Pakistan today. The place is surrounded by lush green mountains and greenery which makes the place look even more attractive than it actually is. The fresh air and the pure blue water that the lake offers is a site enjoyed by many tourists.