Baltistan Peak

Baltistan Peak - The Glacier Guarded Peak of Baltistan

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Baltistan Peak, also known as the K6 is one of the finest and beautiful bodies found amongst the Masherbrum Mountains, which is a subrange located in the heart of the Karakoram Mountain range. This mountain located in Gilgit Baltistan is not as high as the other mountains in the region, however, the Baltistan Peak has a physique with the steepest steps. The K6 is surrounded by the gorgeous Charakusa Glacier, which has added to the beauty of the peak and also raised the attraction bar for the tourists and mountain climbers. The Charakusa Glacier covers the north side of Baltistan Peak. It is simply one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The Peak is beautifully covered with dazzling glaciers on all three sides with the southwest of the peak being covered by the Nangmah Glacier and the east side being surrounded by the Kaberi Glacier which is also the largest glacier amongst the three contenders. Along with the Kaberi Glacier, the east side of the peak is also covered by the Kaberi River Valley which adds to the topographical value of the region. The Charakusa Glacier too leads to the Shyok river which then further opens up into the Indus River. The beauty of the peak lies in the picturesque scenery that it provides with a perfect compilation of mountains, valleys, and rivers which makes it a sought-after tourist location.