Bagrot Valley

Bagrot Valley- A Paradise of Springs, Rivers, and Orchards

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Bagrot Valley is the enticing paradise that is situated in the midst of the spectacular Karakoram range in the northern half of Pakistan. The actual location of the valley is defined to be in the regional district of Gilgit-Baltistan. The beauty is quite extensive and stretches between 2500 meters and 4500 meters above sea level. The valley is principally famous for housing some of the magnificent peaks that hold tall and mighty rising above six thousand meters above sea level. 

The peaks include Rakaposhi, Diran, Miar Peak, Fafuraj, Dubani amongst many other peaks that add to the charms of the region. Not only does the valley encompass such beauties in its vicinity but is also surrounded by natural beauties namely the Doboi glaciers, Yunay, Boi Pharai, Hurangi, Raka Poshi, and Gargo that guard the outskirts of the valley. All these peaks together uplift the value of this valley as many trekkers and tourists are encouraged to visit this place.

The Bagrot valley also has an added magnificence of a river known as the River Bagrot. The shimmery, clear water of the river flows gracefully through from north to southwest of the valley. The river is a vital source of drinking water to Oshikhandass and Jalalabad before finally merging with the River Gilgit. 

The valley is very characteristic of the natural landscapes that it offers the tourist visiting the region. Housing innumerable fresh and shiny springs, tall and mighty peaks, clear running rivers, magnificent glaciers, and meadows full of bunches of ripe and tasty fruits and vegetables. The valley is a rich source of organic fruits and vegetables and gives its visitors the privilege of treating its delicious harvest. The valley is at a distance of about 38 km and is easily reachable within the time duration of two hours.